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@New Finance Night

Hear about the latest goings on in the London tech scene...

Voip4Ex was excited to attend @NewFinance @BarclaysAccelerator in London, as it has a very high standard of presentations & influencers in networking. We were first greeted by George Kaye CEO from @Derivitec which sets itself apart as a cost effective analytics for the derivatives industry. Founded in Dec 2011, they have been working intensively towards cloud based solutions, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. Its high performance, quick, as pay as you go, agile changes in days, in the fintech top 50, Validated risk system - otherwise 100k per company setup needed if over a certain size for the same resources. Ideal for Fund of Fund Managers.

There was a @Transferwise rival in CurrencyTransfer showing us live quotes and inside bank prices. With the adapt or die headline and already traded over 20M in its first 9 months.

Colin from @LogicalGlue the #fintech#insurance crossover being a predictive platform. Improving credit justification from the cloud based. Where buying behaviours for customers can be easily predicted.

@Cashsentinal is looking at #Fintech #Security with cars & fraud. Each year 18M is defrauded. Autoscout24 in Switzerland is already working with them. There are over 25M car transactions in Europe every year.

Alan Browne presented a strong case for

Which is a well placed pension visualise app. Giving advice at a lower fee and brings together all your pensions into one dashboard. You can see how much the fees will be over a lifetime in minutes. On average people save 28K a year using this app.

A few splashes of insight in the lightening pitches from @StratsLabs a

Financial analytics platform with single cross-asset risk in play. @HedgeThink

5 trillion dollars market place. Thought leadership platform. A huge 20k of people are using it already. Alternative finance/hedge funds/funds and family offices. Creating an eco system platform. @Yambina which is an enterprise data management tool. Giving us

fast reports, client control and accurate legal entity and #securitiesdata and that much needed central golden copy. Any graduates looking for a job in finance should look no further than @FinancialMarketRanks for example a couple of the best places to work are said to be Goldman sacks and Google. Challenges ranking and evolving quantified ability. Apply too 100,000 financial institutions through this non-HR system.

Lastly Singapore Fintech Hub was issuing in a new dawn of banking behaviours: Banks are starting to behave like technology companies and the race between Hong Kong and Singapore is massive with the rest of the world. They have a 700M population. ASEAN economic community, with strong regular support. Looking for brands to apply from these sectors: Payment especially - use mobile phone or cash. As populations habit buying is a lot of products using their phones. Reverse factoring, Trade finance - supply chain and good news for us Cyber security and Securitisation. Email [email protected] for more information.

A blaze of amazing startup ideas across many sectors. A great night had by all.